Update 2 – Charles

Time has really sped by these past few weeks, and the program is nearing its end. Progress has been rather slow as we wait for parts to arrive, but we have attempted to make the most of this lull period by starting on the paperwork and documentation we will need for the project’s final paper.

There have been several minor hiccups along the way, these chiefly being the wait time in between part orders that I mentioned before and the motor strength needed for the vertical lift being underestimated. This second issue forced us to replace one of the motors we already had ordered with another order, one we are still awaiting. Once these parts come in, we will be able to assemble and test the arm rather quickly. Since most of the coding should be completed by now and the electronics that we have available have been set out to be attached as soon as we get the motors and battery, we pretty much have most of the construction work completed. Given the time we have remaining, our next step is going to be focusing on applications and further work to help us develop our paper. If we dedicate the final two weeks to the paper, we still have a large margin of error to work out kinks in the prototype, should any issues arise.

While that serves as a general overview for what we plan to accomplish in our remaining time, I can go into the specifics for the ongoing week six. The remaining parts are scheduled to arrive sometime later this week. While waiting for them, I managed to finalize the wiring diagram for the arm.


I started working on the bill of materials we need to keep inventory of the parts that went into the arm, and I plan on at least outlining our paper by the end of the week.

On another note, our REU group has visiting around Menomonie, and it’s been rather fun. The County Fair was a specific highlight for me. I have greatly enjoyed my time here, and I hope to make the most of the few weeks that are left.


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