As We Continue

Well, August is upon us and it is hard to believe that we are starting to wrap things up. Our simplified robotic arm is really coming along. The biggest hiccup we have experienced is waiting for parts to arrive. Some of that is our fault because we misjudged the about of torque we would need and had to order a new motor late in the game, but otherwise we can’t control how fast an item comes in without dishing out an arm and a leg. The coding is mostly bug free and is responding the way it should. The rest of the setup with go rather quickly once all the parts come in.

I have a really awesome group for this project (Kari and Charles), we play on each other’s strengths and pick up where someone is struggling to find a solution. I am also enjoying the dynamics of the whole cohort. Everyone is so willing to bounce ideas of one another and share in the learning experience. Even though we have three different projects going on everyone is invested to help everyone succeed in their research goals.

This past Sunday a few of us went to Eau Claire to do an escape room, that was so much fun! It was my first time really hanging out with everyone (I’m in the middle of one of my hard-core introverting stages) and the experience was filled with laughter, problem solving, and accidentally breaking the escape rooms props. I can’t wait for more such engagements!


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