Another Update for Kari


This last week felt like once I fixed a coding problem I created a new one. There wasn’t a robust way to make the motor stop once it reached the end of the rail, so the decision of the group was to add two limit switches. Luckily there were limit switches on hand so I could start coding right away! With those limit switches I was able to initialize the arm to keep rotating until it touched the switch lever and set the position (horizontal and vertical) to 0. This is helpful because every time the motor rotates I can increment or decrement the correct value and then the motor will not run if that value is 0 or 75. The motor my group initially ordered will not be strong enough for the vertical apparatus. A motor that will work requires a bidirectional motor driver that once it arrives I will need to figure out how to use it through the Arduino. That, along with making sure all the wires are connected the way it needs to be, and getting the correct positioning of the motors is all that needs to be done in terms of the software.



Besides working, I have been able to do a little more around Menomonie. Ladies Night off Broadway and Main Street was fun because I went with Megan and it was just a nice way to go into a bunch of different stores to see what they had. A few of us went to the Punchbowl a few miles from campus to see what it was. It went really quick but go to see one of the “community’s natural treasures” (Said so on the sign). The most fun thing I have done since I have been in the REU program was definitely the St. Croix County Fair in Glenwood City, WI! The best part of that was going into the petting zoo they had, even though a lot of them you couldn’t actually touch… But it was still neat to see fox, porcupine, kangaroo, bison, monkeys, birds, tortoise, camels and more! Since Stout is so close to River Falls, I was able to meet a friend who lives there and go walking around the falls they have there.


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