About Me – Charles Bales

Hello! My name is Charles Bales and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am currently studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Tulsa, and will be starting my junior year in the Fall. I enjoy reading, going out with friends, and tabletop games of all sorts. I participated in my high school’s FIRST Robotics team, and became interested in robotics through my time there. This interest narrowed down to robotic prosthetics during my first couple years at TU.

I discovered this REU when browsing a list of robotics-related summer programs. While they were numerous, this one specifically caught my attention due to its focus on assistive robotics. I have not had much experience with the mechanical functionality and coding that goes into robotic systems, so I hope that the opportunity I’ve been given will help me improve in this area. I also look forward to the experience of working with fellow students on a research project.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I would like to attend graduate school to further my education in robotics, and hopefully narrow it down to working with prosthetics and assistive robotic systems. If I can find a position in industry that assists me in working on my graduate degree at the same time, then all the better. I hope to end up in R&D at a company that allows me to do work in this field. Regardless, I am looking forward to my time at UW Stout!



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