REU Reflection

Now that we have reached the end of the REU program, I am truly grateful for this experience. I was thanking my lucky stars that I took and intro to C++ course last spring, because the skills I learned were invaluable throughout this project. I was also able to build my knowledge of robotics, as I learned a lot more about the language used when developing robots and how to change and build upon existing code. Another important aspect of this project for me was working in a team. I have done lots of school projects in teams, but it is a whole different experience to work on a research project in a group.

I had a very nice time in Menomonie. The weather was for the most part beautiful, and I very much enjoyed myself here. It was really fun getting to know my roommate, Vanessa, and we had a lot of fun going to movies on Tuesday nights and Caribou on Thursdays, along with coffee breaks at Marion’s on occasion. A personal goal I had for myself was to get enough punches on my Marion’s punch card to get a free drink, and I was able to meet that goal. I got a free iced mocha if you were curious. Also I would highly recommend that drink.

After the program ends, I have just over three weeks until school starts for me. During that time, I will be working on a Flu study in my lab at the University of Minnesota. When school starts in the fall, I will be taking classes, working as a tutor, volunteering the lab, and working with a group of students to create the seat for my school’s solar vehicle project team. Something I’m greatly looking forward to in the fall is going to the SWE conference in Philadelphia.

Also, I would like to make a special internet shout out to Laura, who religiously read this blog.


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