Technological Innovation – Bluetooth

One of technology’s biggest contributions is wireless 512px-Bluetooth.svg
communication. This form of communication involves information or data being transmitted between two or more devices without any form of an electrical conductor connection, such as wires or cables. The wireless transmission of information between two devices can range from a few feet to thousands of miles depending on the technology. Among the newer methods of achieving wireless communication is bluetooth. Bluetooth modules for electronic projects is relatively inexpensive and easy to use technology for short  range communication.

HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Our Robotic Guide will be implemented with bluetooth to allow users to, for any reason, control the robots movement from an android app. Wireless communication will be made between the Beaglebone Black (BBB) controller and a smartphone. We are using the HC-05 bluetooth module which is wired to the BBB. Once the HC-05 and smartphone are paired, we are then able to send button press signals from the app to be read by the BBB. The BBB then translates the information to control the robot remotely. Future work on our robot may include voice commands and audible directions for blind or visually impaired users.

Bluetooth technology has been used in other ways to assist the blind/visually impaired with their daily routines. A smartphone app was designed to help provide step-by-step directions to a blind person navigating the London Underground. This technology for indoor navigation uses bluetooth beacons to transmit signals that can be detected by mobile devices. The app produces audio-out directions for the user and it also warns the user of upcoming stairs or escalators (Read more:


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