Greetings from Menomonie!

The REU in Robotics here in stout is off to a good start. We are currently in the third week here in Menomonie and the weather has been beautiful. As I reflect on my time, walking through downtown, I can see why this community and the university students love this area so much. Between the unique little side shops beside a decent size lake and hiking trails nestled among the sprawling forest, the town of Menomonie is great break from the hard work we are putting into our research project. Settling in was a bit of a challenge though as, campus wise, have never been this far away from home. Touring around I found this awesome dream catcher that appears to be handmade from a local American Indian tribe around the surrounding area. Check it out! >>>20160621_193158

I am using this opportunity to develop a platform to create 3D concept models from 2D sketch renderings using my knowledge to design, build, and prototype a robotic system. I am fascinated with artistic renderings and the industrial design process and believe strongly in a creative solution for fast prototyping conceptual designs in 3D printing. I am currently working on a program to scan 3D objects into a dot matrix, or a system of point values assigned with x and y coordinates. I am currently in the early stages of the design of the desk mounted device that will be used later.

3D printing involved in today’s mechanical engineering design concentrations involve printers printing layer by layer from a .STL file and waiting for the file to build. Although technology has come a long way since the first generation of 3D printing where newer thinner and faster processor units have attracted this market they are still finding and developing unique ways to deliver systems and innovative ways of extrusion for speed, reliability, and unique delivery.

It’s relatively exciting to embark on this project and I am working hard to find solutions and trouble shoot problems in the early stages of development. I will keep up-to-date as breakthroughs come through. Keep in touch.


~ Jared


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