Week One

Week one of the Robotics REU was slow but necessary as most of the researchers needed to adjust to the new environment. Considering that I am a UW-Stout student and that I’ve lived in Menomonie for a few years now, I fell right back into school-mode very quickly. The campus is very quiet this time of year, and I’ve got to say its definitely more colorful compared to the snow covered ground during the majority of the fall and spring semesters. Like always, Menomonie is still a boring little town, but it is peaceful and is a perfect setting for a research project.create-overview

I am working in a team of two with my research partner Bryan. We have been brainstorming and are currently aiming to work with assistive technology for blind or visually impaired individuals and plan to implement wireless communication as a main focus. At this point in the research, we have decided to work with the iRobot Create 2 mobile robot platform using the BeagleBone Black as our controller. In this project we will be programming in C/C++ and loading the code into the robot to navigate a room to safely guide a visually impaired person. We will also be tapping into the iRobot to make use of its sensors and built in components. That is what we have so far, and changes will be made on the daily as we figure out our limits.


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